“Nerve Damage from Childbirth” was created by Reagan Smith Smutny, a mom who suffered bilateral femoral neuropathy in the fall of 2015 while delivering her first child. To read her full story, find it here on the blog. Read about her experience with miscarriage after nerve damage here. Read about her mental health journey after her injury here.

Feel free to contact her at any time at info@nervedamagefromchildbirth.com with any questions, helpful articles, or blog post information. Your email will be responded to as quickly as possible.

Reagan was diagnosed with bilateral femoral nerve damage by a neurologist who had never before seen her injury. From the symptoms, he could tell she had nerve damage and could diagnose which nerve, but even though he worked at a large hospital, he had never seen it before in a maternal patient. So, the neurologist Googled it.

A year later, Reagan figured she could use her Master in Communication Management with an emphasis in Health Communication to “Google it.” After many hours, many tears, and many sleepless nights, this website was born. She regularly works on updating it and adding more pertinent information as it becomes available. She loves to connect with and help other moms via email, Instagram or Facebook who have been injured during childbirth, though is sad that she has to.

Previous to her injury, Reagan graduated from Georgetown University with a B.S. in international business and marketing and from the University of Southern California with a Master in Communication Management. She owned and operated an event design company. After getting injured, she had to take time off of work, and later decided to put her out-of-home career on hold to concentrate on being a mommy. While she has no medical training, she hopes her extensive research on the topic of nerve damage from childbirth affecting the ability to walk will help other moms, partners, and family members going through a similar journey, as well as provide educational information to nurses, doctors, midwives, doulas, and other personnel involved in childbirth and nerve injury recovery.

In 2022, Reagan had two books published: “Teeth Brushing, Together!” and “Mommy has a C-Section.” Both were written in hopes of helping even more families and their little ones through moments, times, and transitions that can be challenging. To learn more about these books please visit www.ReaganSmutny.com.

Reagan with her nerve damage baby and rainbow baby in 2020.

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