What a difference a year makes

This blog post is by a mom who suffered from nerve damage a little over a year ago. She is a NICU nurse, who delivered at the hospital where she works. Feel free to leave a positive or helpful comment below. A big thank you to Erin E. for sharing her story. If you would like to share your applicable story or have an idea for another blog post, please email info@nervedamagefromchildbirth.com.

Today was a fabulous reminder of how time can heal. I took the first picture last year on Mother’s Day and the second one is from this year on Mother’s Day. Last year I couldn’t hold my sweet 2 month old 11 pound baby due to the injury from his birth. I stood by his car seat for the best picture we could get with just me and him. I was walking with a walker at this time, and now I regret not having it in the picture as it told MY story. I was so embarrassed for anyone to see it, and I certainly would not allow it in pictures with me. It was probably the denial part of me mourning my idea of my first time Mom experience; however, God was showing me his idea. He was showing me his plan of showing me patience. I am thankful now for the injury to only be the extent it was because it could have certainly been worse.

This year, as I walked freely holding my 25 pound 14 month old to the same spot for another picture, I began to sob. It was a road I never thought I would get to the turning point. It felt so good to be holding my baby myself and standing freely without a walker just out of the picture in the same spot one year later. It was a long hard road, but every step was totally worth it! I am so blessed with this little boy. I am so thankful I was chosen to be his mama. I wouldn’t change one thing about MY story even though I cried so much over it in the beginning.

If you are struggling with your injury and you feel like the turning point in the road is taking so long to show up, keep working hard! Time will bring your turning point.


For more information about nerve damage from childbirth, please explore this website. To learn more about the Facebook group dedicated to creating awareness about nerve damage  from childbirth, please visit Unhindered Steps.

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