What a difference a year makes

This blog post is by a mom who suffered from nerve damage a little over a year ago. She is a NICU nurse, who delivered at the hospital where she works. Feel free to leave a positive or helpful comment below. A big thank you to Erin E. for sharing her story. If you wouldContinue reading “What a difference a year makes”

Maternal Nerve Injury from Childbirth Awareness Month

Announcing the first annual MICA Month-Maternal Nerve Injury from Childbirth Awareness Month by Molly Ann Carey & Martha Valentine Tutrani I am excited to announce the launch of the first annual MICA month. May, the month of celebrating mothers, is the perfect time of year to bring awareness to femoral, peroneal, and sciatic nerve damageContinue reading “Maternal Nerve Injury from Childbirth Awareness Month”