Postpartum Lumbosacral Plexopathy on a Beautiful October Day

This is “Nerve Damage from Childbirth’s” first blog post by a mom who suffered from lumbosacral plexopathy. Feel free to leave a positive or helpful comment below. A big thank you to Anne G. for sharing her story. If you would like to share your applicable story or have an idea for another blog post, please email

On a beautiful sunny day in October, I walked very pregnant into the hospital after being diagnosed with preeclempsia. I remember vividly that I wore a pair of brown flip-flops, thinking they’d be easy to slip on and off throughout my stay. My son was born the next day. But long after the epideral wore off, my right leg and foot were still numb. A neurologist at the hospital where I delivered said that my nerves had been compressed at the level of my right knee because of the stirrups used during labor.Continue reading “Postpartum Lumbosacral Plexopathy on a Beautiful October Day”